Craft Crazy

Lately I have been sooo into crafts.

I think it is partially because I don’t really go out with friends so the time I have at home I don’t want to spend all of it at my computer or in front of the TV so I workout a lot and paint and practice, but there is still a ton of time!

To be productive, I have started to knit again. I have some knit headbands that I have made and LOVE. Some with bows, some with flowers. I have also been looking into remaking clothes out of old clothes. I really need to learn how to use a sewing machine though. We’ll see how that works out.

Last night I started making a bowl out of rolled magazine papers. When I get home tonight, I am going to finish it up and see how it turned out.

I just love making things and having pride in what I’ve made. I’ve found a ton of cute things I could do for when I get married to save money and still have a beautiful reception. 🙂

I will post some pictures when I take them of the crafty things I am doing. I get a lot of my ideas from It is an AMAZING site that I am totally in love with now. By the end of this year, I will be so well dressed, organized, and decorated. So when I move out I will have a ton of seasonal decorations, organization and wicked cute clothes. If all goes well. :-p.

My hope is to make most of my Christmas presents this year. That way I will save money, and each gift will be customized.

List of things to make so far:

-More headbands

-Knit Slippers

-Knit hat

-Holder/hanger for necklaces out of knobs

-Knit ball light fixture

-t shirt scarf braid thing

-Pillow case skirt

-tshirt cowl neck dress

-Paper Christmas ornaments

-Foam pink wreath

-Toilet paper wall decoration

-Accent Pillows… so many pillows

More to come!!!


I just need to find some time when my mother is free and willing to teach me how to use the sewing machine.



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An Adventurous Life

Lately I’ve been really struggling with thinking that my life is going to be boring. Or mediocre. Obviously things right now aren’t exactly exciting. I’m waitressing… substitute teaching, and teaching piano lessons. I enjoy the lessons part because it’s music. And it’s going really well. But I don’t really have any friends here. I don’t go out and do fun stuff unless it’s with my parents (nothing wrong with that of course) or my church.  I suppose that going out with friends doesn’t mean that your life has any more significance, but it definitely helps you feel like you’ve had some fun.

I’ve always wanted to be able to look back on my life and say that I have no regrets and that I did amazing things. And everyone says that THIS is the time to do that kind of thing. But I have no idea what that means for me. I have talked about living in a different place for a year like Alaska or Hawaii or something, but what would I do there? How would I afford it? I’ve looked into teaching abroad for a year or working for Teach for America and teach in a city for a few years. All of these ideas sound great, but the reason not many people do them is because it’s scary. I don’t want to go alone, but no one else seems to share the same dreams. Or at least be willing to take a chance.

I’ve been told that when I settle down (like everyone else I know seems to be doing right now) and start a family (also something else that everyone I know seems to be doing), I will have no regrets and my life will be full of excitement and adventure because I’ll be so filled with love for my family. I know that is true, but I don’t want to live the life that everyone else lives. But again… I have no idea what that even means.

I’ve always wanted to be different and do something different. I think most people would say that I am not a boring person so I won’t have a boring life, but that’s hard for me to believe. I want to take the road less traveled and see different things. Seeing what I’ve seen for my whole life wont help me grow as a person. I want to hike more mountains and kayak more lakes and rivers. Go camping, travel, learn another language, learn how to make new things. I want to see how other people live.

But I have no idea what that even means. The only thing worse in my mind than having a boring life, is having a life where I’m alone. And I don’t want to have a big life adventure on my own.

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I’m really bad at blogging

Hey again. It’s been a really long time. And I’m awful at remembering I have this thing. Hopefully I’ll start keeping it up to date. Here’s whats new:

I’m living in SC with my parents.
I graduated from Eastern.
I am waitressing, teaching private lessons, and substitute teaching.
I am hoping to move in May and get a full time job.
My church here is pretty great.
I miss my friends from school and NH. A lot.
I spend most of my time here practicing, working, workingout, learning how to make random things, and painting.

I’ll write more on one or all of those things later.
I’m off to teach some kids piano!

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I am honestly sick and tired of Christians freaking out over the evolution issue. Many start to have high blood pressure just at the mention of natural selection or apes. This is ridiculous. Christians will say things like “Schools are brain washing our children” or “It’s a conspiracy” but I mean… listen to yourselves! Are the schools brain washing us with how to do algebra as well?

Science is the study of NATURE. God created NATURE. As well as us and our intelligence. He has given us the wonderful gift of our minds. He gave us the gift of discovery. Scientists study nature. If nature is pointing towards something, then who are we to say NO NO NO. Just because it doesn’t fit into the little box that we have created for God to work within. This is GOD we are talking about. He can do whatever He wants and honestly, if He wanted to create things to evolve or to have nature at least point there, I’m pretty sure He could do that.

There are full skeletal structures of dinosaurs and neanderthals. We have seen within our own lifetimes species adapting to new conditions, yet Christians cover their ears like little stubborn children and scream “NONO NO NONO!”. How intelligent is that?

I’m not expecting this to change anyone’s mind. This is something that is hard to figure out. The time-line. The creation story in the Bible… It is all very confusing. I took a class on this last year and loved it. We went into different theories and it was all fascinating. I am not sure exactly what I believe right now and that is OK. God didn’t create the universe so that we could understand it. We don’t need to.

The book God and Evolution by David Wilcox is a wonderful book to read on this subject and the man that wrote it taught the class that I mentioned above. He is a strong Christian man who has dedicated his life to trying to stop the fight between Christianity and science. Science is the study of God’s creation.

I ask that all of you who are Christians (or even those who are not) think about the things you believe to be incorrect or wrong and research them. Look up recent information. Look at the facts. If we really want to reach the world for God we need to be able to speak intelligently and relevantly or we will not be listened to. Why do you think the world looks at us as uneducated? Because most of us are so close minded and unwilling to accept changes and new developments in common knowledge. This goes for the fights with abortion, same-sex marriage, and politics. If you feel strongly about something, research it. Pray about it. Try to understand it better in order to speak intelligently. And think about how Jesus would handle a discussion about it (notice how I didn’t say “argument”) I highly doubt He would condone name calling and harsh words with those who believe something differently. Although people who believe differently from you may call you names or say something harsh, retaliation is childish. Instead, respond intelligently. And try to understand why they think/feel the way they do. God also gave us the wonderful gift of empathy. Let’s try to use it a bit more instead of fighting and then blaming it on our fallen world, when we ourselves fuel the fire, but its ok for us to do that- because we are doing it in the name of God or the name of religion.

Wake up. Smell the roses. We are guilty too. If not more guilty.

Read a book every now and then. And how about some secular non-fiction?

That is all.

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What a long drive

Because of the storm that was headed to Philly, Kelsey and I decided to leave after my night class last night to come home. We left at about 9:30 after quickly packing the car and grabbing some snacks. I dropped her off in Mass around 3:30am and finally got home myself around 5:55am.

As you can imagine, I’m a bit tired today. My friends at school got the day off of classes because of the storm. And it is now snowing here too.

I’m hoping that this vacation will be a good time to rest up, spend time with family and friends, but mostly get work done. Kelsey is coming to visit on Wednesday until the rest of break, so I would like to get my work done before she gets here.

I have to:

Write a choral piece

Write a research paper on the importance of Music in schools

Write an analysis paper on the Showbread Albums Anorexia and Nervosa

Pretend to practice cello

Practice new voice music

Write out Senior recital songs/ideas

Make decorations for the swing dance in a few weeks

Come up with  mini lesson

Practice for choral conducting midterm

…I think that’s it. I could be forgetting something. I figure I’ll wait til tomorrow to start on all of the work. I’m really just too brain dead today.

Luckily Stephen, Danny, and Johnny are home this week too! So I’ll get some quality time with my boys and Chelsi! 🙂

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Chelsi was supposed to come and visit me this weekend, but because of some car and money trouble, she wasn’t able to come. So I’m spending Valentine’s weekend alone pretty much.

I went out dancing last night and it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t awesome either though. The band was very good. We are hoping to get them to come to Eastern for our semester swing dance. If only we could come up with the money easier.

So basically this weekend has been a big disappointment. Pretty much the whole semester has been. I’m waiting for something good to come out of no where, but it hasn’t happened quite yet.

My recital went alright, but I got mixed feedback. Some of my professors were impressed and really happy while others kind of said “you’re starting to get somewhere”. And then gave all the solos in choir to freshmen who are clearly better. I digress…

I am trying to trust God that all of this is happening for some strange reason, but for now I’m just kind of annoyed and looking for something good to come my way.

I’ll probably spend the rest of the weekend working on my analytical paper because I usually lose track of time when I’m working on it and I really am enjoying it. So while couples all over campus and the world are celebrating their love, Ill be celebrating my strange love for writing papers about music.

I’m weird.

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I forget about wordpress

So I tend to forget that I have a blog. Especially when I get to school…

ANYWAYS. I figured I should probably update this and maybe get ontop of updating it now and then. Basically I’ve just been very busy with school and projects. Today was a snow day and classes are also cancelled for tomorrow… And my Friday class was cancelled so it looks like this is my weekend!

I’ve been in the library most of today watching the snow out of the huge windows. I’ve been working on my big Theme and Variation  project. I used a theme from Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance”. It’s pretty funny thus far and I think the kids in my Connections class will appreciate it.

I’ve also been working on a paper for the same class. It analyzes the psychological response to the sotry and music in Showbread’s albums Anorexia and Nervosa. It’s kind of a big project and I already have 3 pages of just introductory information. It will probably end up being a huge paper, but I am really interested in it, so I’m ok with it. Now if my professor is ok with it being really long, that is another issue. It’s times like this that I realize that maybe I wouldn’t mind staying in school and going for my Doctorate. If I chose something I really really was interested in for my dissertation, I probably wouldn’t mind it at all.

In other news, I really hope the snow slows down so Chelsi can get here Friday morning and then we can go dancing in Pottstown that night. Otherwise, we don’t have any big weekend plans. We will probably go into the city Saturday for awhile which should be fun. Especially with all of the snow everywhere.

Otherwise everything is pretty calm. Lots of practicing piano and voice. My roommate is now engaged. I’ll be home in a few weeks for “spring” break.

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